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Seattle Weekly
"Best burgers in Seattle"
10 years in a row

GQ, and the Oprah Show - The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die
Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese
"..The American cheese is artfully melted, the thick pepper bacon superb, the soft roll pretty wonderful, the red onion sweet, the lettuce and tomato good enough, and the mayo dressing just right with this pile of ingredients. It's a first-rate burger, provided you ask for your meat rare. It won't come rare, but it will be juicy."
(Also won: Best Onion Rings.)

Seattle Metropolitan
The good folks at Red Mill are both ahead of the times (cell phones are "just rude, dude) and behind them (no credit cards, please) - but their bacon deluxe with cheese is undoubtedly what you're craving this very second. Order at the counter of one of John and Babe's two cozy burger shacks, plop down in an oversize wood booth, then wrap your mouth around the Kaiser bun with its thick juicy patty, topped with peppery bacon and dripping spicy mayo.

Zagat Survey
The "decor is nothing special, the service is do-it-yourself, but the burgers keep drawing you back" to these twin joints in Phinney Ridge and Magnolia, whose faithful are willing to "drive an hour out of our way" and brave the ubiquitous "intimidating lines" for "smoky-good" patties (special mention: the Verde version, with Anaheim chiles); "don't shortchange your arteries - accompany your order" with "terrific shakes" and "homemade onion rings.


Naomi's letter

United States of Bacon - Bacon Tower Video
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